The ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS & SAFETY CORPS (ESCORP), is an organised body of Environmental foot-soldiers, established out of the compelling need to help fill the yawning gap between Nigeria’s many environmental policies and their desired impact in the society.

It is an initiative of Youth And Media Network Organisation (YOMEN), a youth development and empowerment platform registered by Law (CAC/IT/NO25224) for behaviour modification, especially towards the environment.
Following official approval by the Federal Capital Territory Administration, ESCORP was first inaugurated in 2009 as Environmental Safety Corps, with the safety of man’s physical and social environments, sanitation and hygiene as its primary concern.

However, on August 27, 2013, ESCORP was re-inaugurated by the Federal Government as Environmental Ethics & Safety Corps; with a view to laying greater emphasis on the role of human behaviour on the environment and the need for a determined Behaviour Modification, nation-wide.

At present, ESCORP enjoys the Legislative support of the National Assembly (Office of the Chairman, House Committee on Environment), as well as the endorsement and support of the Federal Ministry of Environment.
As a Community-based, Cooperative-driven platform, ESCORP seeks to popularise at the grassroots the National Policies and Guidelines on Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Practices in Nigeria and the National Water-Sanitation Policies, thereby sensitizing, conscientizing, motivating and mobilising   the grassroots towards improved Sanitation and Hygiene, Agriculture as well as general Environmental Protection, in an atmosphere of modified behavior, hard-work, respect to constituted authorities, peaceful co-existence, love and patriotism to the fatherland.
And as all of this cannot happen with empty stomachs and empty purses, ESCORP’s ultimate efforts are geared towards creating very rewarding sustenance for its workforce – the Environmental Ethics & Safety Marshals!