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Brief History Of African League Organization (ALO)

Sir Iky E. Nwaneri

The actual founding date of African League Organization is dated back to 1976 as the founding fathers have been running the organization way back in their university days in the United States of America.

One of the founding father’s Chief Iky Nwaneri got his B.Sc. degree from Howard University, MBPA from Southeastern University,

Washington D. C. and Doctor, Award, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management from Carolina Christian University, New Jersey, USA.  He is an authority in Management System Analysis, Political Science and New Programme Implementation.  However, the organization became legal when it finally received a certificate from Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja.

As a non-governmental organization, ALO has been vibrant and dynamic in the pursuit of its fundamental objectives which is African oriented.  With offices in most African countries, the activities of the organization have been on the increase.

ALO provides nations, corporations, and individual clients with what, they need when they need it. ALO is ready to serve its customers with a sensitivity and understanding unsurpassed by others. ALO has a comparative advantage, direct connection with foreign organization. ALO does not enter a country as foreigners, and try to ask them for business, ALO tries to understand the background of the country, the nature of the problems. Then they listen to what this government thinks their problems are, whether organization problems, supply or equipment needs.

In other words, ALO is not just in the business of profit making, but rather in establishing a relationship with other organization who share the same dreams and visions.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country. J. F. Kennedy former U.S.A. President.

ALO is as a result of the long, professional experience of its founders, and their wisdom in gathering around them highly dedicated professionals. And, true to its founder’s convictions, ALO has gone out of its ways to make partners.