Proposed GREEN-TEK Mass Housing Scheme

Free Medical Mission

Visit & Distribution of Food to Prison Inmates

Exercise With Peace Corps Of Nigeria

Construction of library In Mbubu Oru East, Imo State.

Exercise With Peace Corps Of Nigeria

Welcome to African League Organization

We provide Economic Eempowerment through Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) for export and import.

Our Mission

ALO shall pursue the democratization of Africa through the articulation of well received principles of liberal democracy by a systematic and structural

Our Vision

Democratization and sustenance of democracy in Africa through economic empowerment.

Aims & Objectives

To set up institutions in Nigeria and other African nations to educate and sensitize the grass root mass of our people on the need to practice

About African League Organization (ALO)

The actual founding date of African League Organization is dated back to 1976 as the founding fathers have been running the organization way back in their university days in the United States of America.

One of the founding father’s Chief Iky Nwaneri got his B.Sc. degree from Howard University, MBPA from Southeastern University,

Washington D. C. and Doctor, Award, Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management from Carolina Christian University, New Jersey, USA.

Sir Iky E. Nwaneri